Ngày phát hành trong game Thuộc tính Tên Unit Album
19/02/2014 Type vocalist icon Star☆Glitter 7th Sisters

「t7s Longing for summer」
The Things She Loved

28/03/2014 Type player icon PRIZM♪RIZM WITCH NUMBER 4 「t7s Longing for summer」
18/04/2014 Type variety icon AOZORA TRAIN SiSH 「t7s Longing for summer」
01/05/2014 Type dancer icon オ・モ・イ アプローチ NI+CORA 「t7s Longing for summer」
29/05/2014 Type model icon たいくつりぼん サンボンリボン 「t7s Longing for summer」
13/11/2014 Type player icon ワタシ・愛・forU!! 4U H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
27/11/2014 Type model icon B.A.A.B. KARAKURI H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
25/12/2014 Type vocalist icon H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!! 777☆SISTERS H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
22/01/2015 Type dancer icon Cocoro Magical 777☆SISTERS H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
19/02/2015 Type variety icon Sparkle☆Time!! 7th Sisters H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
19/03/2015 Type model icon KILL☆ER☆TUNE☆R 777☆SISTERS H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
26/03/2015 Type vocalist icon friend 4U H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
23/04/2015 Type player icon Clover×Clover サンボンリボン H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
21/05/2015 Type dancer icon Girls Talk!! NI+CORA H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
18/06/2015 Type model icon お願い☆My Boy SiSH H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
23/07/2015 Type variety icon 僕らは青空になる 777☆SISTERS 「僕らは青空になる / FUNBARE☆RUNNER」
13/08/2015 Type player icon FUNBARE☆RUNNER 777☆SISTERS 「僕らは青空になる / FUNBARE☆RUNNER」
27/08/2015 Type vocalist icon SAKURA WITCH NUMBER 4 H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
25/09/2015 Type dancer icon -Zero KARAKURI 「-Zero / TREAT OR TREAT?」
22/10/2015 Type model icon TREAT OR TREAT? 4U 「-Zero / TREAT OR TREAT?」
26/10/2015 Type variety icon YELLOW Le☆S☆Ca 「YELLOW」
24/12/2015 Type vocalist icon Snow in "I love you" 777☆SISTERS 「Snow in "I love you"」
28/10/2016 Type player icon Behind Moon Le☆S☆Ca 「YELLOW」
25/02/2016 Type model icon SEVENTH HAVEN 7th Sisters 「SEVENTH HAVEN」
24/03/2016 Type dancer icon ラバ×ラバ WITCH NUMBER 4 Are You Ready 7th-TYPES??
20/04/2016 Type vocalist icon You Can't Win NI+CORA Are You Ready 7th-TYPES??
26/05/2016 Type model icon さよならレイニーレイディ SiSH Are You Ready 7th-TYPES??
23/06/2016 Type player icon セカイのヒミツ サンボンリボン Are You Ready 7th-TYPES??
28/07/2016 Type model icon FALLING DOWN 7th Sisters 「SEVENTH HAVEN」
25/08/2016 Type vocalist icon ハネ☆る!! はる☆ジカ(ちいさな) 「Snow in "I love you"」
15/09/2016 Type player icon Lucky☆Lucky 4U Winning Day / Lucky☆Lucky
27/10/2016 Type vocalist icon TRIGGER The QUEEN of PURPLE TRIGGER / Fire and Rose
24/11/2016 Type dancer icon Winning Day KARAKURI Winning Day / Lucky☆Lucky
22/12/2016 Type variety icon トワイライト Le☆S☆Ca トワイライト / タンポポ
26/01/2017 Type dancer icon Fire and Rose The QUEEN of PURPLE TRIGGER / Fire and Rose
23/02/2017 Type variety icon タンポポ Le☆S☆Ca トワイライト / タンポポ
27/04/2017 Type player icon ハルカゼ~You were here~ 777☆SISTERS 「ハルカゼ~You were here~」
25/05/2017 Type variety icon friend(EMO edit) 4U H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
22/06/2017 Type model icon friend(HINA edit) 4U H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!
27/07/2017 Type vocalist icon WORLD'S END 7th Sisters 「WORLD'S END」
31/08/2017 Type dancer icon スタートライン 777☆SISTERS スタートライン/STAY☆GOLD
28/09/2017 Type variety icon STAY☆GOLD 777☆SISTERS スタートライン/STAY☆GOLD
30/10/2017 Type dancer icon PUNCH'D RANKER 7th Sisters 「WORLD'S END」
21/12/2017 Type player icon メロディーフラッグ 4U The Present “4U”
25/01/2018 Type variety icon Crazy Girl's Beat 4U The Present “4U”
01/03/2018 Type vocalist icon プレゼント・フォー・ユー 4U The Present “4U”
19/04/2018 Type model icon シトラスは片想い Ci+LUS 「シトラスは片想い」
24/5/2018 Type dancer icon CHECK'MATE NI+CORA 「THE STRAIGHT LIGHT」
28/6/2018 Type vocalist icon SHAKE!!~フリフリしちゃえ~ はる☆ジカ(ちいさな) 「THE STRAIGHT LIGHT」
26/07/2018 Type dancer icon 星屑☆シーカー WITCH NUMBER 4 「THE STRAIGHT LIGHT」
16/08/2018 Type model icon プレシャス・セトラ SiSH 「THE STRAIGHT LIGHT」
30/8/2018 Type player icon Clash!!! The QUEEN of PURPLE 「Clash!!!」
14/9/2018 Type vocalist icon ROCKな☆アタシ 4U The Present “4U”
14/9/2018 Type player icon 青空Emotion 4U The Present “4U”
14/9/2018 Type player icon パフェ・デ・ラブソング 4U The Present “4U”
27/9/2018 Type variety icon 14歳のサマーソーダ サンボンリボン 「THE STRAIGHT LIGHT」
4/10/2018 Type vocalist icon AMATERRAS KARAKURI 「AMATERRAS」
11/10/2018 Type model icon SHOW TIME CASQUETTE’S 「SHOW TIME」
18/10/2018 Type vocalist icon MELODY IN THE POCKET 777☆SISTERS 「MELODY IN THE POCKET」
25/10/2018 Type dancer icon ひまわりのストーリー Le☆S☆Ca 「THE STRAIGHT LIGHT」